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Verana Vision Test Patient Email Template


I am excited to share Verana Vision Test, a free mobile application which features a visual acuity test that enables you to self-monitor your vision at home. This app will enable you to collect information on your eye health during any potential telehealth visits we have or in-between appointments. 

To get started:

  1. Download the Verana Vision Test application from the Apple App Store (currently available on Apple/iOS devices only).
  2. Launch the application and follow the test prep instructions. When you take a test, identify the letter you see in the top panel and tap the same letter in the bottom panel.
  3. You can choose to share your results with me through text message or email directly from the application. 

I encourage you to download and try out this application before our next appointment. Please know that Verana Vision Test cannot replace clinical judgment and does not provide a diagnosis of eye health or other disease. Please consult me if you have any concerns regarding your eyesight.