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Verana Trial Connect Frequently Asked Questions

About Verana Trial Connect

What is Verana Trial Connect?

Verana Trial Connect is a powerful cloud-based application that leverages data in clinical data registries to facilitate physician awareness of certain clinical trial opportunities and provide physicians and trial investigators a curated list of their own practice patients that may qualify for trials offered on the platform. Practices contributing to the American Academy of Ophthalmology IRIS® Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight) or the American Academy of Neurology’s Axon Registry® may be eligible to participate in Verana Trial Connect.

For Physicians

How does Verana Trial Connect help patients with rare conditions? 

Verana Trial Connect provides physicians with a curated list of their own practice patients that may qualify for a trial offered on the platform. Eligible patients may have the option to participate in the clinical trial and will be reimbursed by the sponsor for any travel expenses related to trial participation. Select trial opportunities also offer no-cost genetic testing to qualifying patients.

For Trial Investigators

How does Verana Trial Connect help me recruit patients for clinical trials?

Verana Trial Connect streamlines patient recruitment and engagement for certain clinical trials by enabling investigators to identify patients in their own practice with high potential for study recruitment based on trial inclusion and exclusion criteria. Only you will have access to your data, patient list, and patient information, and only you will be able to communicate directly with your patients.

Data Privacy

Why does Verana have access to my EHR data?

Physicians and practices contribute their EHR data to their medical society’s clinical data registry. Verana Health operates as a business associate that assists these registries by improving data quality and de-identifying the data. The anonymized data is used to create the Verana Health data platform, which uses only de-identified data to perform research and analytics. Under HIPAA, healthcare providers, as covered entities, may share PHI with partners, in this case the society’s clinical data registry, for treatment, payment, or healthcare operations (“TPO”).

Where is the data stored?

All data used for Verana Trial Connect are stored securely in HIPAA-compliant cloud servers.

As a physician using Verana Trial Connect, who will be able to see my data?

Only you will be able to see your data and patient list. Your personal data and that of your patients are not shared with any outside entity without your express consent.

Who can see my patients’ information? 

Only you have access to the information of your patients. Verana Health does not communicate directly with your patients. The genetic counseling provider will receive patient information and contact your patients only upon your referral and your confirmation of patient consent. 

How can I learn more about Verana’s patient privacy policies?

Learn more at


What are the costs related to participation? 

There are no costs related to participating in this program for you or your patients. All costs related to this program are covered by the trial sponsor. 

Once I have a Verana Trial Connect account, how do I learn more about the clinical trial I am participating in?

You can learn more about the clinical trial available for a patient by logging into your Verana Trial Connect account and clicking the “About This Program” on the main screen. 

What browsers and devices is Verana Trial Connect compatible with? 

Verana Trial Connect is compatible with Chrome and Safari web browsers. The tool is also both desktop and tablet compatible.

I have a Verana Trial Connect account, how can I suggest new features?

If there are features you would like to see added to Verana Trial Connect, we would love to hear your thoughts. Please email any comments or questions to