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What the VeraQ® Population Health Data Engine and its Clinically True Qdata® Offer Life Sciences

Author: Verana Health
December 2021

Verana Health recently announced the launch of its VeraQ® population health data engine, which is the foundation of its trusted digital health data ecosystem and clinical research stewardship. VeraQ transforms raw, unfiltered healthcare data into an actionable and unique real-world data asset, Qdata®, from which business insights and clinical research can be derived. VeraQ and Qdata power quality data and insights to generate real-world evidence that has the potential to advance the quality of care of providers and quality of life for patients. 

How Do VeraQ and Qdata Work?

The VeraQ platform is clinician-directed and enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) to securely power a data integrity feedback loop of nearly a half-billion raw, point-of-care healthcare encounters.

VeraQ ingests, links, and curates de-identified, real-world data exclusively entrusted to Verana Health by specialty medical societies. The result of this process is clinically true Qdata®— disease-specific, fit-for-purpose data modules.

These research-ready, de-identified data modules start with structured and unstructured unfiltered data from more than 70 electronic health record (EHR) systems. The raw EHR data are de-identified, cleaned, harmonized, tokenized, and—in many cases—linked with other data sources, including medical claims, pharmacy claims, and images. Finally, the data are curated with a clinician-first approach, complemented by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML).  This results in a multitude of disease-specific Qdata modules to power research in ophthalmology, urology, and neurology.

What Kind of Research Do VeraQ and Qdata Power?

Verana Health leverages de-identified data from the robust qualified clinical data registries (QCDRs) of its medical specialty society partners to power scientific research that meets the needs of academic and public health stakeholders, as well as regulatory and industry stakeholders. 

Verana Health has collaborated with numerous life sciences organizations—including 4 of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies—to conduct research and data analysis powered by VeraQ and de-identified Qdata. Verana Health’s research stewardship runs deep along the drug and device lifecycle, from clinical development to pre/post approval to commercial.

Here are some real-life examples of Verana Health’s research collaborations:

R&D Strategy: Verana Health generated de-identified Qdata from structured fields and unstructured physician EHR notes, and helped a client inform study design and enhance trial execution. This helped the client to profile patients appropriate for the study, including their demographics, clinical characteristics, treatment patterns, and outcomes.

Site Selection and Patient Identification for Rare Disease Study Startup: A client needed to identify clinical trial sites for a study with a poorly understood patient population not described by structured ICD-10 codes. Using a specific de-identified Qdata dataset, Verana Health developed a phenotypic signature that leverages structured and unstructured patient symptoms and procedure history data to identify high-volume practices to be considered for the Phase II study. Verana Health referred these sites to the sponsor for study startup and provided to principal investigators a HITRUST certified, HIPAA compliant portal to help them securely and privately identify their own patients who met eligibility criteria for the trial.  

Site Selection for Multi-disciplinary Clinical Trials: A Verana Health client sought to develop therapies for unique  manifestations of certain diseases. Verana Health helped the client leverage de-identified Qdata to identify specialty sites that may co-manage patients with these diseases, enabling the client to pinpoint the most appropriate locations for clinical trials.

Understand a Multi-disciplinary Patient Journey: A client wanted to study the association of disease type and clinical outcomes in areas not immediately linked to the site of the disease. Verana Health worked with the company’s researchers to create a full patient journey from multiple de-identified data sources, including medical specialty EHR and claims data, gaining key information around patient outcomes, prescription adherence, patient history, and outcomes measures

Post-approval Safety and Commercial Uptake: A client worked with Verana Health to leverage de-identified Qdata to monitor post-approval safety and commercial uptake of a marketed product. The client performed pre-and post-launch studies on drug safety and the demographic characteristics of early patients who received the drug to investigate real-world safety and treatment patterns of patients receiving the drug.

Market Share Tracking for Commercial Planning: A client selected Verana Health to build a dashboard powered by de-identified Qdata to track the market share of multiple products across five speciality indications. The dashboard enables the client to track changes in drug uptake shared across clinical indications, forecast future sales, measure sales activity by territory, and more.

Learn More About VeraQ and Qdata

Verana Health’s VeraQ and Qdata provide the foundation for quality insights across clinical care and research. Our data stem from an exclusive and trustworthy real-world data network, and our science-first methodology for processing and analyzing data drive integrity in real-world evidence. Request more information here.