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Happy Second Veranaversary!

Author: Verana Health
August 2020

On July 31st, Verana celebrated the second anniversary of its founding. In the past two years, Verana has grown to almost 100 full-time employees, has partnered with and grown our relationships with our medical association partners, and expanded our offerings for the medical community.

To mark this occasion, Verana hosted activities throughout the month of August to celebrate its history, its employees, and its vision for the future. We asked our team to  share with the company what they love most about being Veranians – hear from a few of them below!

Claire Margolis
Product Manager, Data and Informatics

“When I joined I saw potential and I loved everyone I talked to, but I really had no idea how rewarding it was going to be to work with this group of people and how truly amazing of an experience it was going to be. I’m so thankful to be a part of the Verana community. I learn so much from so many of you every day and I feel really confident in this group of people to be able to achieve awesome things.”

Matt Kannan
Senior Manager, FP&A

“I love the fact that people [at Verana] are so generous with their time and are willing to take you under their wing to teach you new things about the company and the industry…We’re trying to help patients in a very innovative way that not a lot of other companies in healthcare really can.”

Ryan McMurray
Data Scientist

“I have been constantly impressed by the people who work here, such bright, intelligent people who genuinely care about what they’re doing…Seeing all the projects that Verana is invested in really gets me excited about for the things to come.”

Sonya Li
Real-world Evidence Operations Manager

“I am really excited about Verana because I understand the tremendous power of real-world evidence. I’ve seen excitement from the FDA, our industry partners, and physicians about understanding outcomes for patients in the real-world.”

Anne Guilford
Senior Marketing Manager

“Earlier this year when Verana was announced as the end-to-end partner for the IRIS Registry, I knew Verana was my destiny. This was [the AAO’s] best opportunity to take the IRIS Registry to the next level, and my best personal opportunity to deliver on all those aspirational promises I had been making to so many people for so many years. I am just over the moon to be with [Verana] now, and am looking forward to making the big dream of clinical data registries a reality.”