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Introducing Verana Practice Insights

Author: Verana Health
September 2019

Verana Health is assembling the largest clinical databases in medicine in partnership with medical associations, such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology, to empower physicians and accelerate clinical research. Using advanced analytics, Verana is uniquely able to derive actionable insights from the American Academy of Ophthalmology IRIS® Registry (Intelligent Research In Sight), the largest specialty clinical database in medicine, to enable physicians to improve patient outcomes and provide better care.

Verana is proud to introduce Verana Practice Insights for physicians contributing to the IRIS Registry. Verana Practice Insights leverages the wealth of knowledge found in the IRIS Registry to: 

  • Provide physicians with a de-identified aggregate view on physician practice trends across the United States.
  • Empower physicians to examine their own individual data and trends in patient outcomes and care.

The initial version of Verana Practice Insights will focus on cataract surgery. Qualifying ophthalmologists are currently able to pre-register for early access in October 2019. Verana will add meaningful enhancements to the solution over time that will leverage advanced natural language processing techniques and provide more detailed information on practice treatment trends. The solution will expand to additional indications, including retinal conditions and glaucoma, in 2020.

Read on to learn more about how Verana Practice Insights can be used by physicians to inform their practices today.  

Understand Diagnosis and Intervention Frequency 

Verana Practice Insights offers physicians visualizations of aggregated cataract patient and cataract surgery volumes relative to other ophthalmologists. With this feature, physicians can also determine if their relative frequency of surgery is consistent with their relative frequency of diagnosed cataract patients. This solution provides insights on physician treatment trends and potential areas to investigate further.

In this example, a physician can see his/her counts of cataract surgery or YAG capsulotomy administered relative to ophthalmologists nationally.
In this example, a physician can see his/her counts of cataract surgery or YAG capsulotomy administered relative to ophthalmologists nationally.

Monitor Complication Rates

Physicians can monitor their individual treatment complications rates for conditions such as endophthalmitis and compare these to industry standards. By visualizing the nationwide distribution of these key complications and evaluating individual performance relative to the national trends, physicians can benchmark their quality of care and learn more about areas of improvement.


In this example, a physician can see annual frequency of endophthalmitis in treated patients compared to ophthalmologists nationally.

To develop Verana Practice Insights, Verana has tapped into the clinical expertise of physician subject matter experts to refine parameters for data validation and expected limits. Verana validated this solution by conducting end-to-end testing with a cohort of physicians and comparing electronic health record data with the data displayed in Verana Practice Insights. Verana has developed a quality framework that identifies gaps in data and censors the data accordingly to provide physicians insights that are complete and representative of national physician trends.

The Verana Practice Insights solution was designed to help physicians make the most of their data to advance patient care and clinical knowledge. If you are an ophthalmologist contributing to the IRIS Registry, we hope you will pre-register for Verana Practice Insights today!


Interested in early access to Verana Practice Insights? Pre-Register today.